June 27, 2011


This photo is better than yours @andredoucette! The “medulla” virus has taken over Pro Tools…

The Medullary Paralysis Is Set to Record with Canadian Producer André Doucette in London, Ontario, Canada

May 19, 2011

Dear Believers,

We didn’t write too much these months… well, there’s a reason, we worked very hard every day of the first third of 2011 to make this chance possible and warm up ourselves, sweating in our rehearsal room and working on the new songs for the upcoming recording.

A lot of work also on Skype, via email, you know, conference calls with our attorney Martin Frascogna fighting against his time zone, finding the best studio solution and an eclectic and talented artist in the control room… and finally here we are with the big news we couldn’t wait to share with you!

We are really pleased to announce we will be flying to London, Ontario, Canada in June to record our first full-length album with Canadian producer André Doucette, who participated on the last release by 30 Seconds To Mars titled “This Is War“. A full discography and history can be found online at

Last but not least, a big thank you to the people who made a donation during the crowd funding campaign we arranged this Winter. Without you, this would not have been possible.
Without you, this would not have been possible.

More to follow Believers!

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