Actually Bloody Excellent

November 20, 2009

Aye aye. That’s what I thought when this CD came through the post some time ago with 3 rather glum-looking latex-goths emblazoned across the cover. That will be interesting I thought (and I hadn’t even read the title of the EP at that point). Probably a good thing they are not having sex – there would be some terrible sweaty chafing going on around all that latex (not to mention a lot of static being produced). Then I listened to the EP and what do you know – it’s actually bloody excellent. All three songs originate in a very synthetic industrial glam (think early Ministry or offspring Revolting Cocks). Whereas ‘Compassion on the Dancelfoor’ is the poppy one, ‘Fashion Slave’ backs it up with a sledgehammer grind core type of sound, more in keeping with Nottingham’s Ann Arbour. There’s an awful lot of fuzz on all three tracks but the overall result of these three Italians’ endeavours is startlingly good. Well worth a bit of further investigation.

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