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July 11, 2012

Hey Believers, good news from Youku! After the tour we found three videos about us on the Niurenku channel:

We are really proud of these news and we wanna thank Niurenku, Zoey Zoso, who shot the video in the hutong and Jesse (Giacomo) and Matt (Matteo) for their precious support! :)

Thank you Zoey for this amazing pic:

The Medullary Paralysis | Hutong Jam
The Medullary Paralysis | Hutong Jam

Jamming in a Hutong in Beijing with Chinese Instruments

July 08, 2012

Never played unplugged, never played in a hutong in Beijing! We had just one hour to learn how to use the Pipa instrument and the Chinese waist drum but we had a lot of fun rearranging one of our songs (Fashion Slave) and jamming there under the hot and grey sky in Beijing! Check the video out and share it!

These Boots Are Made for Riding

March 14, 2012

Riding with my purple latex boots
Purple latex boots

Riding with my purple latex boots.


Now in London, Ontario

June 11, 2011

London, Ontario
London, Ontario
London, Ontario
London, Ontario

Where to Buy Latex Boots

July 09, 2009

Wondering where to buy latex boots online? No problem, write us an email and we will contact the latex factory that made our purple boots. They did a great job, three pairs of amazing custom-made purple latex boots! They did exactly what we were looking for. We were very impressed with their on time delivery, professionalism and prompt communication.

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