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June 20, 2010

Thank you Lina Yeung for your review! We copied and pasted it here from Facebook. There's also the Chinese version with some photos on! "The Medullary Paralysis is not just a band but an idiosyncratic lifestyle. We don't drink, we don't take drugs, we don't have sex, we feel compassion. We have a different vision about how to enjoy life, we repudiate mechanical sex, we hate victimism and we practice compassion." In the central nervous system, “medulla” controls involuntary behaviours such as breathing and heart-beating. So what would we feel when our medulla paralysis? Mentioning “industrial music”, people usually recall violent and aggressive scene such as Front 242 and Skinny Puppy. That’s why I was quite surprised by the introduction of the Medullary Paralysis: no drunk, no drugs, no casual sex, sounds like those “pure” guys who claim to be only interested in soft, folk songs! I was even more amazed when I first saw them standing aside and watching the opening band’s performance peacefully---they didn’t look like those industrial musicians at all! And things were totally different when the show started. Under the psychedelic lighting, the MP members all in the violet latex suit as the promoting photos captured the sight of the audience. So stunning. Generally speaking, I was astounded by the synthesizer player who could let her instrument stood out without crashing with the programming/software. And her hands swept so fast!! Besides I also loved the bass, guitar and vocal. Although MP shared some “similar” elements with other industrial rock music, they were quite different from many industrial musicians for the MP didn’t have such kind of “violent” atmosphere. Well I know “psychedelic” refers to another music genre, still the way that MP led the audience to throw away daily life troubles and enjoy the music was so “psychedelic” and fascinating ;) At the beginning the audio system seemed to have some problems, yet everything became perfect again afterwards and were even better than what I had seen online. The loveliest scene was that the band was so thankful to the audience whom volunteered in tuning for the best sound quality. They called his name on stage and performed a song for him. How lovely and kind-hearted the Medullary Paralysis were! So why don’t I mention about the songs one by one? Well, forgive me for being too high to recall all the song names! :P They still have a few gigs in Beijing and Guangzhou after this Hong Kong concert. Please support them there!!!

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