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July 01, 2009

On Glam Rock Magazine
On Glam Rock Magazine

What they wrote: Don't let the purple latex fool you! This Italian Industrial Glam band takes music to the future! After listening to their new EP, I was quickly drawn to the song, Fashion Slave. It's a heart pumping song reminiscent of old school Marilyn Manson and the brilliant soundtrack to the movie Queen of the Damned. Its beat is sexy and slinky while the vocals are smooth which creates a toxic combination that I can picture being used in any major motion picture or even on an indie goth designers runway! All the lyrics are in English which appeals to a much larger market. The band writes “In Italy we have little chance to be heard by international and open-minded professionals. Our lyrics are in English and we don't play Italian Pop: this is why we submit our songs all over the world, ready to pack up at any moment”. After one afternoon, I'm already a fan! I want to hear their music in the next great action movie or vampire movie! This band is going place! Click here to read this review on

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