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First, can you introduce the band? Who you are and where you’re from? 

The band formed in the first half of 2007. We were not satisfied with how our friends enjoyed life. We knew we were different. It was a natural choice to say no to banality of those days.

The Medullary Paralysis is not just a band but an idiosyncratic lifestyle. We don't drink, we don't take drugs, we don't have sex, we feel compassion. We have a different vision about how to enjoy life, we repudiate mechanical sex, we hate victimism and we practice compassion.

We create music because we need to share our unique point of view. We write a lot about what everybody will face throughout their life, sooner or later. For example, we have a song (Not Enough) explaining why depression is not a valid excuse, it’s mankind that creates Good. Or a song (Where Is the Silence) about the concept of success and failure. Another song (Mental Disorders) is about common sense, what is considered healthy and right and the concept of the need for leadership. We are also exploring other fields, wicked relationships, joblessness and how to enjoy life in a new way, of course.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

You have an out-of-body experience when we mix The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson. And Tears for Fears too. Indie industrial glam on the dance floor. “Unique” is the most frequent adjective we read about our music. We really like when people can't easily label us.

How about your live shows?

We love to balance eccentric rock performances with well-thought songwriting. When we perform, dressed in latex, we just lapse into our uncompromising groove and we forget everything else. People often ask about our perfect musicianship on stage: you know, the only way to play with an unfailing drummer (a laptop...) is to be metronomes. Can't wait to play live for you!

You guys don’t drink, don’t do drugs and don’t have sex. Why did you choose this lifestyle? What do you like about it?

People always rise to the bait. The problem is addiction, not drugs, alcohol or sex.

Can you explain the purple latex and why you wear it?

We live in latex everyday. It’s the symbol of our idiosyncratic lifestyle.

Is this your going to be your first time in China? What are you looking forward to about it? Are you looking forward to coming to Shanghai?

Yes, it’s our first Chinese tour and we are very excited about this great chance to spread our message and music there. China is a controversial country but in our opinion everything we see on tv and we read on the Internet about China is not enough in order to have a comprehensive point of view. We really want to experience what's going on there, talking with Chinese people and learning more about your culture and history. Hey guys we hope to see you at Yu Yin Tang on June 6!

How do you think Chinese audiences will react to your show?

We are absolutely convinced that Chinese music fans are hungry and ready for unique stuff. It will be a great honor to play for this kind of audience.

Anything else you’d like to add? A message for the Chinese people?!

Gloom is no excuse, it's mankind that creates Good.


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