Review by André Doucette

To describe The Medullary Paralysis in a simple review would be a daunting task. To label them with a genre would be limiting to their potential. Rather The MP must be experienced, in order to understand them. “Industrial glam on the dance floor” would be a start.

Their ‘Sound’ is unlike any other. The methods in which they create their Sound, are unlike any other. They are unique. Unique to themselves, unique to their tastes, and unique to their own imaginations. Consider the synthetic texture of the guitar’s and drum’s of the age of Glam rock, combined with the emotion, dynamic and feeling we’ve come to love from the Industrial music realm. But they are not ‘Dark’ in the sense; their ambitions are towards promoting a positive message, one of understanding, compassion, empathy and a desire for a better world.

Alessandro Alfano and Valentino Coletto are amongst some of the most rare people I have had the pleasure to sharing the studio with. Their ideas are wild, their ambitions are exemplary, and to experience their Sound is a considerably intriguing experience. A dynamic duo of brothers, Alfano and Coletto mold their professional attributes together to create a partnership that is equaled in artistry and business. There is no doubt that the future will bold well for these talented individuals. Fearless of moving towards a Sound that could be considered ‘out of the ordinary’; they are a rare exception of those who use their challenges in life as a means for expression and perseverance. They are artists, unlike any other, who hold within them the grandest desire for their message to be received.

“The message, is the most important part of our music.” – Alessandro Alfano

I eagerly anticipate the release of their debut album.

The latex is cool too!

: )

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